Bruce Kaye,


Bruce had more than just a passion for building and designing. He would create tools himself for his shop, as well as re-power dump trucks for his trucking business with big block engines. This is where Bruce really began tinkering with gears, his real knack.


Bruce took what he learned from re-gearing heavy duty trucks and started applying it to airboats, which at the time didn't have many gear reduction options on the market. The K-Way was his first production gearbox and many are still in service today, however Stinger Drives Inc. does not service or repair them.

Stinger Drives Incorporated

Founded in 1995 by Bruce Kaye

Owned and operated by Sharon Kaye

Sharon Kaye,


In 2001, Bruce's youngest daughter, Sharon Kaye began officially working at Stinger and has been building boxes for almost 20 years!


Sharon worked alongside Bruce for 7 years.

Together, they refined Stinger gearboxes into the reliable and reputable boxes still produced today.  


In 2008, Sharon took ownership of Stinger Drives and has been full force ahead since then!

Estefano Nunez-Gomez,

Vice President

Estefano joined the Stinger Drives work family in 2016 and has been learning from his aunt, Sharon, and others in the air boating industry for the past four years. 

Together, Sharon and Estefano work hand-in-hand to uphold Bruce's legacy guided by their passion for air boating.

Worldwide over 8000 units have been sold and millions of hour logged. All that we have learned over the years is pack into your gearbox today! This is our way of life, not just our business.

Phone: (727) 483-3838


6561 44th St. N Ste 3004
Pinellas, FL 33781

Our Guarantee:

Each Stinger Gearbox is protected by our Limited Lifetime Guarantee Against Manufacturer Defects. We have always provided this guarantee, now we want to ensure that all our customers know about it.

We guarantee that your box will never suffer catastrophic failure unless there is a legitimate reason such as; worn out bearings, damage from sinking your boat, prop strikes, lack of maintenance, etc. Damage/Failure due to negligence or modification is not covered. 

"If it's on us, then we will always take it!" -Sharon Kaye